About Us

Vic Tech Consulting builds and develops information technology solutions for organizations. The software and Apps we build are adaptable to different business needs at all levels. Our clients take advantage of the IT support we build and scale their businesses to profitable heights.

We are both Government and Private Sector IT contractors with proven track records for timely and quality delivery of technology services and solutions. We serve businesses of all sizes in different sectors locally and globally, and we also collaborate with partners who have distinctively different backgrounds but share common agreement in the confidence that have in our diverse technology deliverables. Information technology has become a tool for speed and adaptation for organizations to thrive and face competitions confidently, so Vic Tech Consulting is confidently positioned to lead firms it serves in this direction.

We focus on cybersecurity, database engineering and management, platform modernization, cloud technology and data-driven customer experience. Our technology and software support guides our clients to innovate and take full advantage of business transformation opportunities that bring value to their organizations. Our approach is to first understand the technological needs that can empower customers. We collaborate with all stakeholders to formulate actionable SLA that make technology handy, scalable, adaptable, and valuable business clincher.

1. Premium ERP Software

Sales ERP is a smart ERP solution to manage your small and medium businesses. Sales ERP software additionally helps in tracking your inventory and human resources. It has a full account management system to qualitatively measure your small & big business. VIC Tech Consulting provides your business with distinctive ERP software for small businesses.

Customization of Software Development Tailored to Fit Your Business Needs.

2. We develop software solutions to automate, integrate and scale your business. Every Business need and environment require features and functionalities that ensure better Customer Experience. VIC TECH Customize Software to ensure most valuable CX.

Human Resources Software:

3. Human Resources Management Software System

Track, Manage and Maximize the Values Firm Can derive from Your Human Resources Assets. Take advantage of our PHP and CodeIgniter driven Secure and dependable frameworks.

4. Hospitality

Our Hospitality Software empowers your business to take advantage of every opportunity the industry presents in:

5. Premium Hospital Management Software

Hospital Auto manager is our premium hospital management software. This customizable software comes with distinctive features and modules. This system brings measurable business value to any healthcare facility with its user-friendly dynamic website, mobile-friendly functionalities, separate control panel, and many more exciting features.

6. Payment Gateway Integration

Without multiple payment gateways, you cannot receive or handle the overall transaction process. To resolve the payment-related difficulties, we offer Software Applications and other payment gateways that allow you to smoothen, support and manage transactions. Our clients can integrate multiple payment gateways, which save them time and cost while driving values.